Can I put money on online?

Can I put money on online?

She answered disparagingly, and then sighed.

“Officially, this lasts until after the results are released…… I wonder if it will become my win?”

Since the school announces the results of the exam, there’s no room for mistakes.

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“That shouldn’t be necessary. You won this bet. Are you satisfied, Horikita-san?”

Kushida also understood that even if Horikita made a mistake in her scoring, there wouldn’t be an error of nearly 20 points.

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“Can I believe it then? That you’ll cooperate with me in the future?”

“I’ll fulfill my promise. No matter how much I disagree with it. Do you want it in writing?”

“No need. Let’s start by trusting each other.”

As Horikita spoke, she held out her hand.

She wanted to come to an agreement with a handshake.

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Kushida was completely motionless. She stared at Horikita’s hand with colorless eyes.

“I hate you, Horikita-san.”

“I know. But I think I can work hard to change that.”

Horikita received her emotions head-on.