Working on the Internet

Working on the Internet

“The first year’s trying to fight, ha— what!?”

… That’s not it. Sudou has a low tolerance for anger. He’s the type of person to try to intimidate the other party.

“These second years are saying some bullshit things. We’re already sitting here.”

The second year senpais put down their stuff right there too. And then they began to laugh.

“Yup, we’re here too. So scram, this is our spot.”

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“You guys have some nerve, you shits.”

Sudou didn’t falter from the difference in numbers. Looks like a fistfight will start anytime soon now. I, of course, didn’t count myself in those numbers.

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“Wow—— so scary. What class are you guys in. Oh wait, never mind. Let me guess… you’re in class D right?”

“So what!?”

After Sudou said that, all the upperclassmen looked at each other, and laughed at the same time.

“Did you hear? He’s in the D class! It was really obvious!”

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“Oh? What do you mean by that, huh?”

As Sudou was getting heated, the boys took a step back.

“Because you guys are so pitiful I’ll let you stay there for today. Let’s go.”

“You guys running away!?”