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“It’s not related to her. It’s my mistake.”

“It’s fine if you don’t try to hide it~. I won’t get mad. I thought she would reject me because it looks like she doesn’t like me. It just happened as I thought it would.”

I guess you can call it woman’s intuition.

“Anyway, it’s my bad that I asked you to help.”

“Uun, there’s no need for you to apologize. But… ? I don’t think that Horikita-san can gather Sudou and the others by herself.”

I couldn’t deny that.

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“Hey, what did Horikita-san say, though? Was she against me gathering the others? Or was she against me participating in the study group?”

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She got it perfectly right, as if she was listening to the conversation too.

“… The latter. Sorry for spoiling the mood.”

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“Ahahaha, yea. There’s no need for you to apologize, though. She has a ‘Don’t get close to me’ kind aura. So I expected it to happen anyway.”

Even so, you’re really perceptive.

“But everyone agreed to join because I said I would also participate… Before inviting me, couldn’t you have lied that I wouldn’t be able to participate? If you told them now, everyone would probably hate Horikita-san…”

I feel a bit frightened towards Kushida. She understands everything.

“Can you leave this one to me?”

“Leave this one to you?”

“Tomorrow, I’ll take everyone to Horikita-san. Of course, I’ll go too.”


“It’s fine, right?” Or can you solve the problem? Is there a way to gather everyone without me, or a way to convince Horikita?”

It’s too bad, but that’s impossible.