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While he was greeting his classmates, he noticed me fidgeting, and let out another deep sigh.

“Hey, Amano. I’m not saying that you should be like me all of a sudden, but can’t you try harder?”

“E-even if you say that…”

Is he talking about trying to make friends? I don’t know what he’s referring to. Ever since elementary school, I’ve always thought that “Friends are formed naturally” and that they aren’t “forcibly made”. Also, I was never good at getting close to people since I was always shy.

Uehara-kun started lecturing me as if he was my dad.

“I’ve said this multiple times now. Not having friends isn’t bad. Of course, spending your time happily with your family is good and all, but you have a goal in mind, right? …Trying to get closer to Tendo is a really far-fetched goal, but it’s your goal nevertheless.”


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That pained me. Because of certain circumstances, I somehow started trying to get closer to Tendo-san.

Attractive, intelligent, and athletic. Even though she’s Japanese, she has blonde hair and blue eyes, and is an existence that has surpassed the level of “riajuu” and approaches godlike status.

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For a… mob character like me, trying to get closer to a girl like her is a foolish thought.

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Well, there still is a bit of hope, since we are more or less acquaintances. I was given the once in a lifetime opportunity to listen to her speak, and I engraved that memory into my heart…

“Well… Even I don’t think I can continue on like this.”

“I guess.”

Uehara-kun nodded. I balled my fists and looked out the window. …It reminds me of another cloudy day.

The relationship between me and Tendo-san can be described as tenuous. Not normal, not negative, but extremely thin. Of course, in a bad way.

In the first place, if my relationship with the school idol Tendo-san ended as being acquaintances, I would normally feel privileged. But… because of my actions, her impression of me is not very good (or at least, that’s what I think). I guess you could call it a very big debt?

Because of that, I can’t turn around and go, “Everything’s fine if I just have games!”. I want to apologize to her… no, rather, I want to improve our relationship.

…After all, it’s sad to leave a bad impression on someone who called out to me.