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Like a military strategist, standing by my side, giving me orders.

I don’t feel like losing.

“Sorry, Jamdi’el, this isn’t a one-on-one. It’s two-on-one!”

Because Tre’ainar is moving me so confidently.

Because he thinks the two of us can win.

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With that in mind, power came to me.

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Tre’ainar is right beside me!

Author’s Note

It was a pity last night, but the appearance of the Japanese National Team playing in the World Cup was wonderful. That said, the end is the end. Recently, it was all about “Go Japan!”, but in the first place the Japanese National Team has already worked hard, and since they did their best until the end, it will be “do your best next time”. Everyone has their own way of doing their best, but I will do my best too.

“With an overwhelming difference in power, thou shall be brought to thy knees, body and soul!!”

Jamdi’el is much stronger than me.

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I’ve been training under the policy of developing my overall strength as a generalist rather than a specialist, but even in terms of overall strength, Jamdi’el was superior.

But, I was confident in this pursuit.

Because of the new “special move” that I developed. I didn’t use it in the tournament, but I was doing this kind of thing as part of my training.

―― Hey, Karui. Wanna play a game-like training with me?

―― Oooh? Training is a pain, but playing is fine~. But, is Amae okay with it?

―― Yeah. Even if it’s just for fun, it’s serious.

―― Hoh~, what are we doing?

She was much faster than me… on the contrary, I trained against the fastest sprinter in this country.