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"So is Horikita-senpai-sama trying to tell us he hasn't expelled anyone?".

"I was only talking about the ideal. At the very least, at this current stage, no one from amongst the 1st years have been expelled. To pursue that ideal is not a bad thing, right?".

"So he says, Ayanokouji. What do you think about that? About the ideal this man speaks of".

"I can understand it as far as it being an ideal is concerned. It's also fine even if there are people who aspire to it. However, at the very least I can say Ryuuen and I are not the types to pursue such an ideal".

"Kukuku. That's exactly right".

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If there's someone who meets that criteria right now, it would have to be none other than Ichinose Honami of Class B.

"Of course, I have no intention of desiring that much from you. If you can stop Nagumo's rampage, that's good enough".

He said it simply but if such a thing could be easily done, the older Horikita wouldn't have requested this. If the student council also has their own fair share of power, then all the more, it's not something that can be stopped.

It's because if I act so as to not carelessly cause expulsions, then all I would be able to achieve through my efforts would be to make sure the 1st years don't suffer penalties as well as know the contents of the special exams.

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"I'll be taking my leave here. I've been made into a secret sharer too after all".

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Apparently, Ryuuen has no interest in the happenings of the student council, it seems.

"But it was quite a fascinating talk, but anymore than this is a waste of time. Later".