What to do online now 2019

What to do online now 2019

“If I win, I swear to love you more than anyone else in the world, and I pledge we will continue to protect the peace of the Empire together!” [3]


“I know how you feel, Phianse. But I wish for a chance to be seen as a man.”

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Rebal conveys his feelings straight to the other party strongly, regardless of whether there are any people around him.

“...... Rebal... I...... I....umm..”

And, the princess also seems to be puzzled after being hit with such a strong feeling.

But I don’t think I need to worry about it.

They seem to suit the blood of the heroes, and everyone would agree.

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Well, I wish you happiness.

『Pathetic, this one... to proclaim victory..... Huh? 』

「...... Hey, hey. 」

Tre’ainar, who was watching the whole scene, spoke to me with a smile.

It’s as if Rebal saying, “I will win” was a slight against him.

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「Hey, don’t say it so easily. You saw Fu’s magic earlier, didn’t you? That was awesome... Even Rebal will have power of that level. 」

『Irrelevant. After all, both are still at a level that can be achieved. Genius? In comparison, after all, it might as well be child’s play. In two months, they will be overwhelmed. 』

「Hey! I can do that? 」

『Tis possible. One year of study abroad? Yet all he did was beat a wild dragon? It seems the privilege being able to receive my guidance for two months is comparable to a hundred years worth of training. Once, I undoubtedly defeated the dragon king of the demon world. 』

「I-it’s not reliable when you say it... 」