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Ma Yang was stunned. “Er... and then?”

Chen Yufeng raised his eyebrows. “Of course, it’s not good! These live-stream platforms have the first mover advantage. They control a large number of streamers and viewers. If they follow the operating mode of Bunny Tail Live-stream brainlessly, they will definitely severely squeeze our living space!”

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Ma Yang finally understood and nodded. “I see. The situation is very serious according to you! What should we do?”

Chen Yufeng shook his head slightly. “This is not easy. There are no patents for similar models. Other live-stream platforms can do it if they want to. Why not... we ask Boss Pei!”

Ma Yang was a little unhappy. “Always asking Brother Qian for instructions, making us look like good-for-nothings. We can’t solve any problems.”

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“Let’s think of something first!”

Ma Yang and Chen Yufeng stared at each other for five minutes.

Ma Yang picked up his phone. “Forget it, I can’t think of anything. I’ll ask Brother Qian what to do.”

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“Huh? Other live-streaming websites are doing live-streaming and replay functions? They are also getting a special editing team to edit these videos?”

“What? They learned it from us?”

Pei Qian’s head was filled with question marks and he looked confused after listening to Ma Yang and Chen Yufeng’s report.

What the f*ck was going on!

According to Chen Yufeng, he had just received news from Waiwai Live-Stream that several larger live-stream platforms, including ZZ Live-Stream, were developing the recording, tapping, and replaying functions of the live-streamers. What’s more, they were looking for special editing staff to edit the videos for the live-streamers and put them on the live-streamers’ personal channel.

It had only been two days.

These live-stream platforms were at their most intense battles. They had planted spies within each other. As long as one live-stream platform thought of a new function, the other live-stream platforms would follow immediately. They did not want to fall behind in this money-burning war and lose the initiative.

Vice-President Liu Liang of ZZ Live-Stream wanted to keep it a secret but how could this matter like this be kept a secret? Developing a function involved a large number of low-level staff. It was extremely easy for other live-stream platforms to spy on news.

Thus, this message circled around and returned to Chen Yufeng.

Pei Qian repeatedly confirmed with Chen Yufeng before finally understanding that this function was done by Bunny Tail Live-Stream first.

What Chen Yufeng was struggling with now was how to deal with the other live-stream platforms copying the methods of Bunny Tail Live-Stream.