Others how to make money from the Internet

Others how to make money from the Internet

From the tactical forecast before the competition, to the BP analysis, to the tactical arrangements in the competition, the players’ improvisation on the spot… The official commentator and the two professional players invited by Bunny Tail live-stream were not on the same level at all. The difference was obvious at a glance!

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At the same time, Long Yu Corporation.

Zhao Xuming had just ended the call with Zhu Yan and found out about the unofficial commentary on Bunny Tail.

The Vice Presidents of these live-stream platforms were anxious again.

The delay was gone, Bunny Tail Live-Stream was still snatching people from them!

All the major live-stream platforms had a group of people advertising on their own. Those who went to Bunny Tail live-stream basically would not come back. The popularity was gradually decreasing. Who could stand it?

Zhao Xuming was speechless.

At first, he thought that this matter was over. All the major platforms would broadcast the ICL league together and take advantage of their own popularity. His main focus would then be on other aspects of work.

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However, there were more problems now!

There would always be a winner no matter how the ICL league developed and this winner would always be Boss Pei!

At the beginning, Boss Pei had spent a huge sum of money to buy the exclusive broadcasting rights of the ICL league. It brought a huge wave of popularity to Bunny Tail’s live-stream. At the same time, it had also established the impression that all the data on Bunny Tail’s live-stream were real data.

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Boss Pei distributed the broadcasting rights for the ICL league when the popularity was almost done. In the end, he did not spend a single cent to get the broadcasting rights. What’s more, he made a huge profit.

The thirty-second delay did not last long, but it left an impression on the audience that ‘Bunny Tail Live-Streaming is Faster’ and poached a group of viewers from other platforms.

Now that everyone had finally returned to the same starting line and the unofficial commentary had been a huge success, they had to continue snatching users from other platforms!