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From the basic posture to the defensive techniques and the way of stepping in up until now – Zack’s movement was exactly the same as the Holy Knight’s Swordsmanship Instruction Book.

「… Even if I may appear this way, I used to be a Holy Knight.」

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He murmured so with a slightly bitter expression.

「What… !? Then why did you join the Black Organization!?」

An international organization that protects the peace of the world – The Holy Knights Association.

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A large-scale criminal organization that disturbs the order of the world – The Black Organization.

These two entities are opposites.

「…There are things that you can’t do while serving in the Holy Knights Association.」

Zack whispered so with a grim face,

「-But now, I don’t care about such worthless matters! Come on, Allen! Your shine – show me more sparkly!」

He suddenly shouted, as if to erase the heavy air.

「Extol – Will-o-Wisp!」

Zack cried, and swung the large sword in a big arc.

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Burning flames soared, and it gradually took the shape of a creature.


It was blazing crimson foxes that were given birth by the conflagration.