Enterprise Online Bank automatically make money to the National Gallery

Enterprise Online Bank automatically make money to the National Gallery

There were a projector and a huge screen, but only a simple yet elegant background for the annual meeting was being displayed. It looked clean and stylish, neither lame nor gaudy.

Wu Bin was not at all interested in the capsule machine, claw machines, and other games that were normally present in game halls because they all seemed like scams to him…

He had once watched a Popular Science video that explained that these games all contained some kind of trick. That was how game halls made money. Take the claw machines for example. Manufacturers could adjust the chances of a stuffed toy being caught.

A few heartless manufacturers would set the chances to one percent. That meant that the electric current through the claw would slowly be reduced as it moved upwards with a soft toy in tow. This would weaken the claw’s grip and cause it to drop the stuffed toy. It would also create an illusion that the player had not gotten a firm enough grip. This would happen 99 times. On the hundredth try, the electric current through the claw would not be reduced. As long as the player aimed accurately, the claw would be able to grip the stuffed toy all the way.

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Of course, other manufacturers were more good-hearted; they would set the chances to five or ten percent.

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Still, no matter what, the player would never make money; and the manufacturer would never lose money. This was a trap.

Many players thought that they could win prizes because of their luck or technique. However, the fact was that these had all been pre-set by the machine itself.

Thus, Wu Bin had no interest in game halls whatsoever.

However, this situation was obviously different from what he had imagined. Game halls would only be scams if one was spending his own money on them. What if others provided money for one to play? Of course, it would become much more interesting!

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A table was set up next to the entrance to the hall. A colleague from the administrative department sat there, distributing tokens.

These were game tokens to be used in the game hall. Each person would be given one bag of fifty to sixty tokens at least.

Ordinarily, one would need to pay ten to fifteen yuan for each try on a capsule machine. However, in this game hall, one game token would be sufficient.

In other words, each token was equivalent to about ten yuan.

The total worth of Wu Bin’s game tokens was about five or six hundred yuan. These tokens had been given to him at no charge, and he could play as much as he wanted. Obviously, this was not a scam like many other game halls were.

Of course, the colleague from the administrative department had also explained to everyone that the entertainment programs were scheduled to take place after lunch. They would only be able to play the games after finishing their food.