Don't want to work online

Don't want to work online

He Desheng blinked blankly.

Any questions?

A lot of them!

Others had the Ally Model, Great Qin Empire model, Guanning cavalry model; all of them sounded domineering.

In the end, we’re...

‘Dumb people with too much money’ model?

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Obviously, the probability of failure of these companies would be much greater than the probability of success!

In the end, what did Boss Pei’s model mean? We would not continue investing if the company was profitable, but continue investing if the company keeps losing money?

It would be impossible to make money this way, right?

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Moreover, the most basic thing for an investment company would be to screen projects, screen out all those unreliable companies, and leave only reliable companies to invest in.

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Even when done this way, many investment companies still lost their money.

Yet, they would not be screening anything... but invest in everything they saw?

Boss Pei might have certain requirements, but they were only the most basic supervision.

There were still many ways to lose the money even if these companies do not deliberately do bad things and misappropriate the funds.

He Desheng was silent for a moment: “Boss Pei, are there no other screening conditions?

“Even if it is first come, first served... there must be a priority, right?”