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Basically, if the seat is occupied by one person, if you want to bring in a second person, you’ll have to take action to cut off the first. Of course, it’s not impossible to do it with two or three people at the same time if you’re good at it, but I’d say it’s not suitable in the closed environment of this school and the demerits should you get exposed are far greater. I stood up from the poolside.

“Going forward, Airi will undergo a bit of a psychological shock. At that time, Haruka, I need you more than anyone to be there by her side to encourage and cheer her up.”

“What’s that? What do you mean?”

“Sorry, but I can’t answer that right now.”

Airi is the least valuable person in the class.

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Academic ability, physical ability and other factors. Looking at her comprehensively, that’s the only way to judge it.

This is not only true for the OAA, but it’s also my own personal opinion.

However, depending on Airi’s willingness to change from here on out, she will surely grow, albeit slowly.

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Maybe in six months, maybe in a year, at that time, she might be able to climb out from the bottom of the class.

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The time in the pool came to an end in a flash and we started to get changed.

The system doesn’t allow for extensions because there is a fixed amount of time for employees to clean the area before the next reservation. The three of us quickly showered, changed our clothes and left the private pool. The girls could not be seen, probably because it takes a fair bit of effort for them to get changed, unlike for us boys.

“Looks like the girls aren’t done yet.”

Since we hadn’t discussed what to do afterwards, we decided to wait for them to come out.



I suddenly felt a pair of eyes watching me, and it was revealed to be Nanase.

I set a new record today, having met Nanase every day aboard this ship.