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Online plus WeChat to make money

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However, Boss Pei had agreed to this plan in the first place.

Could Boss Pei have made a mistake in his predictions as well?

Did Boss Pei expect the mini-client to fail like that?

Yet, Ye Zhizhou had always held Boss Pei’s design concepts in high regard. He found it hard to accept that Boss Pei would have made a mistake.

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Wang Xiaobin sighed and comforted himself. “Let’s think positively. Even if the game fails, our bonus would not be greatly affected.

“From this month, our bonus will be issued based on the game’s reputation. Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version might not make a profit, but its reputation still looks good. “We can calculate our bonus based on the amount of money Shang Yang Games invested in the game. I guess that we will each get quite a significant sum.”

Ye Zhizhou shook his head. “You may be right, but no matter how good the game’s reputation is-if it does not generate profit, we will not feel proud.

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“What’s more, there aren’t just internal reviews and gamers’ reviews on TPDb. There are also netizens’ reviews. Many people who have not played the game might rate us with low scores based on our advertisement alone. In fact, that’s very likely.

“If netizens don’t rate us well, our overall TPDb rating would still be low.

“For all we know, not only would the game not generate profit, but it might also have a bad reputation.”

Wang Xiaobin remained silent for a long time. Finally, he said in a low voice, “Sh*t… that sounds about right…”

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I started making my first game when I was in 4th grade.

It’s nothing surprising, really. I checked out the Beginner’s RPG Game Maker in my console, a very traditional way to enter game development. I can say that all gamers have once walked along this path.

However, if you have to differentiate me from other gamers, that would be I actually “finished” a game.

This is just my impression, but I feel like most people will be bored with tools like these halfway. Even when they tried their best to make a wild RPG with their preferences, 9 out of 10 people will lose the will to continue after making their first village. Their hobbies will soon move to other things, I think most people are like this.