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High school test online make money

Of course it's plenty possible that the other teachers won't be able to answer either. In that case, several possibilities come to mind. It might be that only that one mark could be purchased or maybe they aren't allowed to answer unless someone's actually received a failing grade, etc.

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But being unable to answer is yet another answer in itself. It would mean that there's a manual prepared in advance for when a student's grades are insufficient.

"Are you planning on delving into the rules?".

"At the very least, there are students doing just that. Ichinose, who's rumored to be saving up points and then there's Ryuuen who's sticking with private points. It's obvious when you consider them".

They're all trying to figure out a strategy that could benefit their class through trial-and-error they conduct repeatedly daily.

"Very well. I'll answer your question. It is true that the clue to beating the school system lies in figuring out the rules regarding private points. Naturally, students from past years have tried that approach from a variety of different angles much like you're doing now. Even the defective Class D isn't an exception to that. Some were quicker than others though. And the school too, has established the fine details of the rules in advance in order to answer the questions the students have. Purchase of points, erasing violence from your record and preventing expulsion. Points necessary for all that are fixed. But a teacher is limited in the amount of things they can say. As for why, it's because most of it is prohibited. No, not even that, there are probably many things even teachers aren't aware of".

"So I was right in assuming you 'cannot answer' my question?".

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"That's right".

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This solves one mystery. It's that there are many things they are unable to answer us on regarding the special usage of private points unless the conditions for said usage have been met.

The price for one mark at the next midterm test has already been decided and by telling us that, it would be possible to come up with a countermeasure. But if it remains unknown to us, we wouldn't be able to do anything reckless.

Because if they tell us one mark costs 100,000 points then that'd be the end of that.

"...does this have something to do with the matter at hand?".

"No. I was just having a chat. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, it also has nothing to do with the matter at hand".

Chabashira-sensei is unable to grasp my true intentions.