Is there a lucky fish to grab the fish to make money?

Is there a lucky fish to grab the fish to make money?

So, if you have already read < Student Council’s Discretion >, please check it out with this opportunity. There should be some new stories. (I’ll start writing them now!)

Alright, that’s all for work. …Now, let’s talk about games.

< Monster Hunter > got a new game when I started writing the draft of Vol.10.

I’m still a player. So, of course, I had my fair share of fun as well. …O-Of course, I played it after I finished the draft! I played it after finishing the draft! (It’s important, so I said it twice, but I think the editor’s getting suspicious too.)

I hunted alone while finishing quests with my little brother. Hunted alone, finished quests with my little brother.


Someone’s thinking, “Eh, where are your other friends?” I guess you don’t understand. I’m an aloof hunter. Why would I entrust my back to someone not related to me?

So, I’m definitely not friendless.

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“I’ve seen a lot of light novel authors tweeting that they play < Monster Hunter > too. Why didn’t you join in the fun with them?”

The one who asked me with an innocent face, you’re great.

Didn’t I already say I’m an aloof hunter? Why would I entrust my back to my rivals? …If I even let my guard down slightly, my job will be hunted instead of monsters.

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Whatever, let’s not joke around. I’m just playing it with my little brother leisurely at our own pace. That was already pretty interesting. This is also the advantage of < Monster Hunter >. (It’s definitely not because we can’t play it without 4 people.)

Alright, most online games have some balance-breaking weapons or tactics at launch.

It’s no different for < Monster Hunter > as well. However, it’s not like bugs or something. It’s just a strategy that’s way better than others.

As for me, I really like the weapons involved in this strategy.


However, I’m still me.