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「It’s regarding the team members of the Big Five Holy Festival on the weekend!」

The whole class became excited when she said, the “Big Five Holy Festival”.

The Big Five Holy Festival – It’s where each of the Five Academy selects three of their best freshman, and have all of them compete for victory in a round robin event.

If you can make an impression here, a path to the Senior Holy Knight position that everyone yearns for, will be opened.

It was natural that the students were rumbling.

「Originally, we would carefully select the members from the results of the practical test that will be implemented after this. But this year, the team members have already been decided!」

The classroom rumbled and at the same time a bad premonition-like chill ran through my spine.

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One of the reasons – Leia-sensei had a very good smile on her face.

From now on, she will start to say something that is certainly not good.

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It’s only been two days since I met her, but I already slightly understand her nature.

「Well then, there is no point in delaying it so, let’s announce the names!」

The classroom becomes quiet instantly.

A few seconds later, Leia-sensei announced the participating members.

「Representing the Thousand Blade Academy, in this year’s Big Five Holy Festival, will be – Ria Vesteria, Rose Valencia, and Allen Rodore!」

There, just like I predicted…

While glaring at Leia-sensei, I grumbled with a sigh.

The moment that Leia announced the members of The Big Five Holy Festival.

「P-Please hold on a moment!」