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None of your actions could escape my eyes!

Pei Qian’s eyes became sharp. Something had to be done about this tumor!

Pei Qian recorded the fact that Yaling was pulling customers to Deposit Fitness silently. He would do something about her next week. A dozen clients would be far from enough to affect the loss situation of the Deposit Fitness, but one can never be too careful.

Boss Pei was a cautious person. Yaling had proven to be popular. Anyway, these people probably came out of curiosity. They could be bewitched by her face, or a very small portion of people might want her body. No matter what, she was liked by customers.

If that was the case, then she should not be in the flagship store.

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It was Fish-Catching Take-Out’s turn after two other Manage Loss Trainees were done with their reporting

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The Manage Loss Trainee of Fish-Catching Take-Out was the waiter in the first store. That meant that he could know about the profit and loss situation of Fish-Catching Take-Out and also the latest products of Gourmet Laboratory.

“Senior, the Fish-Catching Take-Out has been expanding rapidly recently. They have planned for twenty stores which would be officially open soon, covering many cities across the country. Boss Rui seemed to be planning for a large quantity of stores after a certain period of observation as well.

“Other than that, he had also invested a large amount of capital into the development of the Gourmet Laboratory.

“The first result of Gourmet Laboratory is the Fitness meal 2.0, but it did not satisfy Boss Rui so that progress had been halted and is currently awaiting Boss Rui’s commands.”

Pei Qian’s eyes lit up.

Yes, all of them were good news!

The opening of stores in large quantities was instructed by Pei Qian, but for it was rather unexpected that Rui Yuchen was able to understand his intent to this extent.

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Rui Yuchen did much better than Lu Mingliang on this note.