Whether the online is all reliable to make money

Whether the online is all reliable to make money

On the other hand, Cui Geng no longer had to participate in this. That was because... after tidying up over the next two days, he would leave the class and begin his new job (of gathering material) at Tengda’s various companies.

At Fish-Catching Internet Cafe...

Pei Qian had arrived earlier than Lin Chang. However, instead of sitting down and drinking coffee, he walked around the internet area.

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The situation was not as good as he had imagined, but it was still acceptable and not completely horrible.

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At first, he had thought that GOG would fail miserably.

That was because GOG would not only be competing with traditional online games like Ocean Stronghold but also games in the same genre like IOI and Gods Rising.

Gods Rising had a huge group of loyal gamers, and IOI was fast becoming popular overseas. Its popularity was even spreading to China.

Like other internet cafes, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe had also installed IOI’s international server and Chinese Localization Package. Although it was laggier, the internet cafe’s customers could still enjoy the game.

Thus, Pei Qian had thought that few people would play GOG.

However, when he arrived at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, he realized that many people were playing GOG. In fact, the number of people playing GOG was almost on par with the number of people playing Gods Rising and IOI!

Of course, IOI was the clear winner in terms of image quality and extent of completion. After completing his round around the internet area, Pei Qian fell into deep thought. “Hmm... it looks like IOI is in stable condition now.

“The internet cafes are still running IOI’s foreign server. That’s why it’s so laggy, and players are finding it difficult to speak with their teammates in a match. Naturally, the game is at a disadvantage.

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“Even then, IOI is more popular than GOG in the internet cafes. More people are playing the former.

“Once IOI releases a local server, the lag and communication problems would be dealt with. It’ll definitely be even more popular than GOG then, right?