The online make money method is true and false.

The online make money method is true and false.

Li Shi did not know what to say at this point in time. He only felt that Boss Pei seemed to be a little reluctant.

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“Boss Pei, to be honest, this publicity proposal is definitely not enough. It will not be able to broadcast Thriller Hostel to the entire country,” Li Shi said sincerely. Pei Qian: “...”

You want to broadcast to the entire country? Are you still a human?

Pei Qian did not say anything. He sipped his coffee and looked at the time. Why was it not time for his class yet?

Luckily, it was less than half an hour away. It was impossible for him to go somewhere else first so he had to endure it for the time being. Pei Qian started playing on his cell phone quietly.

Li Shi was in a state of confusion.

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Boss Pei, what did you mean? I reported the situation at work and you said it was okay. I told you the current deficiencies, and you fell silent and played with your phone?

Shouldn’t you at least take a stand?

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Li Shi could only take out his cell phone to ease the awkward atmosphere. By then, he saw a new message from another investor of the Thriller Hostel once he took his cell phone out.

“Boss Li! It had finally arrived, finally arrived!

“The Shared phone booth in the entire country had published the advertisement for the Thriller Hostel!”