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“Subsequently, in the 3rd place is Class A with 120 points. Second place is Class B with 140 points.”

A commotion broke out. They were rankings and points that no one had expected.

I wondered if it was because they couldn’t hide their embarrassment about their mistake on the numbers they calculated.

“And Class D…”

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Instantly, Mr Mashima’s movements stiffened. However, his speech soon resumed.

“…. Got first place with 225 points. This concludes the announcement of the test results.”

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The students of Class D, except for Hirata, were the most confused by this situation. Even Hirata, just smiled excitedly, not being able to believe it either, even if he was the only person who was aware of the situation, beforehand.

“What is the meaning of this, Katsuragi?”

From the other side of the rest area, voices echoed, as the students of Class A encircled Katsuragi.

“Something is wrong… What do they mean with these results?”

“Yahoooooooo! We did it! This serves you right!”

Along with Sudou’s screams, all students of Class D gathered together, at once.

“Hey.. Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?!.. Hey!”

Ike was full with excitement along with confusion, so he leaned towards Hirata, asking for an explanation.

“I will explain everything, over there. Well, then, Ryuuen, we will excuse ourselves from here.”