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In addition to the representatives of each dojo, a total of 16 people will compete for victory, including external contestants who participate on the recommendation of Jamdi’el and others.

A lottery will be drawn to decide the matchups of the tournament.

However, unlike the time of the previous game, the lottery is not drawn in front of a large crowd, but it seems that the lottery is first drawn in a place like a waiting room and then announced to the gathering spectators afterwards.

“Right, Machio Proteen. No.16. It will be the eighth match in the first round.”

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As the contestants continued to draw lots and their names were being recorded on the blank tournament table, I remembered the time of the previous match.

At that time, in order to fight Rival, I flipped the lottery over and picked a number, and I pulled the number 1.

But this time...

“Next Earth Lagan”

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“Osu. Hmm... Whoa... number one.”

“Got it, Earth Lagann, No.1. You will be facing José Drag in the first round, match one.”

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“...... haha.”

This time I drew it myself. The same number.

And the opponent was that dude.

『Were you aiming for that?』

“If possible... I hoped.”

『Fufufufu, you drew it yourself. Well, tis both luck and skill.』

Tre’ainar was also grinning. He seemed to be in a good mood.