Is there a reliable online watching video?

Is there a reliable online watching video?

(Oh no…)

I should have warned him when he told me about his ability.

「Umm… Sven-san, are you all right…?」

And when I approached him, who was as white as a sheet,

「Hi-Hii…!? D-Don’t come near me! MONSTER!」

He screamed, jumped off the stage, and ran away frantically towards the waiting room.


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As I was left stunned, alone on the stage,

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「…What on earth happened!? Contestant Sven was shaking hands with contestant Allen… And suddenly ran away! Well, uh… I would like to seek for the judgment of the Sword King Festival Executive Committee on this matter, so please wait for a while!」

The commentator said so, and left the seat for a while.


Tens of thousands of people’s gazes pierced me.

「As expected, there’s something『hidden』about Allen Rodore.」

「Exactly. That frightened figure of Sven… I’m sure he received some kind of『threat』!」

「No no, maybe Sven was just ”acting”, right?」

「W-What do you mean…?」

「It’s quite simple really… Allen Rodore offered him a deal.『Give up the match in return for a large sum of money』.」