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Moreover, because she advances while confirming if everyone understood it, nobody gets left behind.

(Maybe Rose is cut out to be a teacher.)

Her explanations were that easy to understand.

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To back it up,

「Hey, Rose. About when to move the center of gravity movement, is it good like this?」

「Aa, that’s really good. As expected of Ria.」

「Rose-san, should I position the pivot foot around here?」

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「Let’s see… You’d better shift it to the left just a little more. Yes, that’s better.」

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She quickly became a popular teacher. Ria and the president raised questions one after another.

I’m sure it was easy to ask her since they are the same sex.

As a result,

「U-Umm… Bacchus-san, may I ask you a question?」

「Sure, I don’t mind.」

I had to study one-on-one with Bacchus-san.

「The timing of when to move the center of gravity is a little hard to grasp. Do you have any advise?」

「Let’s see… Move it back when you pull the sword like “gui”, and move it forward when you push out your sword like “zuba”.」

「…Thank you very much.」